Available in Colorado


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Our services can begin any time of your choosing, including the morning of the big day or even the night before. We will pick up your pet and provide them with love, attention, and play time before their grand entrance. Each package will include:


  • A free meet and greet or phone consult

  • A bath to make sure your pet is looking their best

  • A stylish pet accessory provided for the day, which can include bow ties and flower collars

  • Chauffeur services to and from the event. You let us know when and where your pet needs to be and we can make it happen. Your pup will always be buckled in to ensure their safety

  • Your pet will always have a pet sitter with them on the big day to make sure their needs are being met

  • We will work with you, your wedding planner, and photographer for any big day needs, like positioning for your first look, ceremony details, wedding party pictures, reception time, etc...


One Pet‚Äč

Half Day (up to 5 hours) $375.00

Full Day (up to 10 hours) $750.00

Travel time included 


Two Pets

Half Day (up to 5 hours) $525.00

Full Day (up to 10 hours) $1,050.00

Travel time included


Travel Mileage

The first 15 miles are free, then 0.55 cents per mile plus tolls.


For additional pets, contact us and we'll work it out!


Pre-Wedding Overnight

Be stress-free the night before your big day by having your pet stay the night for only $40.00 ($15.00 for additional pet)


Pre-Wedding Overnight add-on is a 15 hour period, with your wedding day package starting immediately after the 15th hour


Post-Wedding Overnight

After the wedding, have your pet stay the night, $50.00 per night ($15.00 for additional pet)


Post-Wedding Overnight add-on is a 24 hour period, beginning immediately after your wedding day package ends